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Firms display their family values

A focus on family businesses which source some of their stock from antiques and vintage fairs and markets in the UK


Life down on the farm proves to be fruitful

“Our love of antiques and vintage began when we were renovating our first house and then again when we bought a farmhouse near Warrington. We wanted to combine our passion for antiques with a business which I started planning while I was on maternity leave with our twin daughters, as if we didn’t have enough to do…”

Nicola Brown launched her business, Nics Nacs from the old milking parlour at the farmhouse three years ago.

“It’s a family affair as my husband Kris Brown and my dad Michael Wrench help to source the stock,” she says. “We all gravitate to different items so there is a wide range of customers for our pieces, which come from the public and local auctions. Of course, there is nothing I like better that spending a day wandering around buying at the fairs at Newark and Lincoln.

We open the shop weekly on a Sunday – when my eight year old son Tom ‘helps out’ and have slowly expanded to more that 270sq m.

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